Step into the vibrant world of ‘Momentum’ and meet Hamish MacGregor, Spry Films’ newest director. Formerly a versatile all-rounder, crafting mini-docs, TVCs, and music videos, Hamish now focuses solely on directing. His rich background infuses his work with authentic human emotions and captivating storytelling. With a keen eye for detail and diverse techniques, Hamish’s films blend boldness with moments of melancholy, resonating with introspection. Each frame is a canvas, meticulously painted with his unique vision, inviting audiences into a world where every emotion feels palpable and every story unforgettable.



Next Up… David Parkinson! With a string of awards, including the Masters Chair for Directing at the AADC Awards, David’s visual storytelling prowess is unmatched. From Jacob’s Creek to Porsche, his collaborations speak volumes. David crafts genuine moments and emotional intrigue, exemplified in his acclaimed Penny’s Hill commercial, which clinched Gold at the ACS Awards. With David at the helm, expect cinematic brilliance and unforgettable experiences.



Meet the ‘Fantastic Snacks’ visionary, director Alex Feggans! With a background spanning from feature films and editing commercial advertisements, Alex’s work has garnered global recognition having directed campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Alex thrives on collaboration, turning challenges into opportunities for creative evolution. His boundless energy, creativity, and attention to detail guarantee every element of his films is as captivating as the narrative itself.