Experience the heart-warming tale of fatherhood in Spry director Marcus Joseph’s ‘Lexus Experience Amazing’ commercial. Marcus captures the essence of this extraordinary journey, weaving together moments that resonate with the profound joys and challenges of growing up.



Get set to place your bets! We teamed up with Entain and Ladbrokes for the ‘War on Tab’ national campaign, directed by Charlie Fergusson, known for his humour-infused storytelling. To top it off, we even played cowboy and wrangled a spirited horse!



Prestigious Dubai developer, PMR Property, crafts hyper-luxury haven known as, ‘The Rings’. Nestled by the Dubai water canal with a unique architectural design resembling rings, it was Spry Films’ director, Paul Giggle’s responsibility to capture the vibrant Dubai ambiance. Over two days in Brisbane, Queensland, we had the challenge of recreating a believable Dubai landscape by seamlessly blending live action and greenscreen.