Let your imagination run wild in our new visual effects reel! One of the strengths of SPRY FILMS’s directors is bringing art, craft and soul to large-scale visual effects. Our roster of directors all bring knowledge, and an understanding of the creative and technical challenges visual effects can present. Whether it be a surreal landscape, walking on water, or a collection of impossible worlds, the directors at SPRY FILMS know how to take your idea from page to reality.

Jody Dwyer, a seasoned visual effects director at Spry, faced several hurdles during production on his commercial for the Vietnamese beverage, Huda Blast. “There are many ways to cut cloth but it’s usually a process of balancing costs against creative vision. Certainly, I know the ‘best’ way to approach a particular VFX shot, but often this isn’t affordable, and we must adapt. The key is to clarify what needs to be conveyed, confirm what can be achieved in the given time, and to agree on client expectations”. Trained originally in the cutting rooms of London, Jody brings a foundational knowledge of post-production to his direction. Jody’s work has earned a variety of international awards (including a Gold Lion at Cannes) and is in high demand for his cinematic eye, clear storytelling abilities, his talent direction and mastery of VFX.


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