As students embark on their academic journey at Bond, they’re transported into a dynamic world where learning knows no bounds! Explosive creativity, blending live action scenes, with vibrant animation, and mind-blowing visual effects. With each frame bursting with colour and excitement, Toby’s expert direction captures the essence of Bond’s dynamic spirit. It’s more than just a commercial, it’s a celebration of the boundless possibilities that await at Bond University!



Dive into a world of sun-soaked shores and endless summer vibes with the latest Seafolly commercial directed by the dynamic duo, Catie Allen & Jay Button. Both expressing that they were, “excited to explore new creative avenues, which included the utilisation of captivating lenses, vibrant colours, and a pivot from Seafolly’s traditional direction”. Set against the backdrop of Australia’s coastline, this vibrant ad bursts with energy and style. Although having to, “balance the priority of stills alongside video, the two units had to swiftly adapt, ensuring everything was captured”. With every splash and sway, Catie and Jay capture the essence of adventure and sun-kissed joy, inviting viewers to embrace the spirit of an endless summer!



Feel what it’s like to live a lavish lifestyle by stepping into The Mantaray. An exclusive Gold Coast property development brought to life by Paul Giggle. This world-class residence is nestled along the foreshores of the Broadwater, where every moment promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.